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Sunny Pits is an organization started in 2019 dedicated to helping the dogs that need it most. Based out of Central Florida, we foster dogs that need a little help before finding a home, coordinate adoptions for dogs in need, and work to change the narrative for bully breeds. We are a registered non-profit organization.

We are proud to be partners with the Bissell Pet Foundation.

Our Philosophy



Unlike shelters, Sunny Pits Rescue functions effectively as a full-time foster program. We take in fewer dogs and they live in our home for months. They interact with people and other dogs on a daily basis, so we have a much more nuanced understanding of them as individuals. While no one can guarantee how a dog will act once they leave their care, we have invaluable firsthand experience that can help you understand exactly the animal you are adopting and greatly increase the chances of success.

After spending over a decade of combined time with Bully breeds in our home, we know how kind, gentle, loyal, incredibly silly and sometimes stubborn they can be. In fact, our 85 lb. Rockie had his head on my lap as this was being written. So we are working tirelessly to save all the dogs we can. We will share our stories with as many people as we can, and hopefully change some minds.


Most importantly, we will never give up on the goal of finding a forever home for every single dog.

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