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Adoption FAQs

  • Can you do a foster-to-adopt before fully committing to an adoption?


Usually yes. Just note in on your adoption application or message us on Facebook about it.

  • Why is there an adoption fee?

At the bare minimum, we vaccinate, spay/neuter, microchip, house, crate, wash, give flea/tick/heartworm prevention to, give treats to, give toys to, give blankets to, feed premium food to, and give a lot of our time to each and every dog that comes into the rescue. Many of those things are not covered by donations. The adoption fee will help cover a small fraction of costs for the next dog we rescue.

  • You had an unexpected life event. Can we take in your dog and find it a new home?

The truth is probably not. We are a small operation. We are usually full, we tend to stay full, and we are sorry we can't help. Our animals are not kept in some large building with hundreds of cages, nor do we have acres and acres of land for them to run. We have our home and the homes of the people with extreme generosity who foster some of the dogs. Our rescues are loved and cared for like any other pet until someone adopts them and because of that we can only take so many at one time before it becomes unsustainable.

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